Documenting your outfits!

I have found dressing every morning so much easier by documenting the outfits I feel make me look and feel the best. So over the last few months I have been taking photo’s of my favs and re-wearing them all year long! Here is a peek into this stylists closet!


1+2+3 and 3+3 Modular Wardrobes!

Lets talk about how to make the most of your wardrobe and tips for packing when traveling this summer and into the fall. Yes, I just said “fall”. (In fashion, we think of the seasons a few months ahead so your wardrobe is ready when the weather hits, but I digress…)

My favourite module to use is the 1+2+3.

1+2+3 Module

These 6 items can create 12 outfits when paired together using silhouette, colour, and texture as things they may have in common or in contrast. Each top should be able to work on its own with each bottom and all items should be able to work with the over piece. Accessories are what can change each look to be dressed up or dressed down.

1+2+3 Layed out


When Traveling, especially for the 1-2 week vacations, this is valuable module to packing light and leaves space for souvenirs in a carry on luggage!

Advancing to the next level of style on business trips or during the work week is easy with the 3+3 Module. This module includes 3 dresses and 3 over pieces.

3+3 blog

All pieces are interchangeable with each other to create 9 looks. Each style of dress needs to fit under the sleeve of the over pieces comfortably. Mix your textures, colours and patterns to create interest. Remember to either match or contrast these elements.

3+3 Layed out

*Note: If you add a single dress to the 1+2+3, you add 2 more looks into that module. One of the dress on its own and one with the dress and over piece together. All together creating 14 outfits.

Have fun and go through your closet and see if you have naturally selecting items that make up 1+2+3 or a 3+3 modular wardrobe, I bet you would be surprised at how good you already are at making outfits!