Hosting Mr. Granville Island 2017

As events coordinator for the Granville Island Business and Community Association, I hosted an amazing fundraising event last week called The Mr. Granville Island Pageant. Gentlemen who work on Granville Island showed thier stuff and impressed us all with all of thier hidden talents. It was a great way to find out a little bit more about our community members! Here are a few high light photos from this amazing evening!!



Sorry; It’s Been A long Time!

Well, that was a very long and unintended hiatus from the online world! I have been running around Vancouver gathering inspiration, some much needed self care time and direction of passion over the last 5 months.

It has now become time for me to step it up again and start the engine for my styling and custom design/sewing.

Please shoot me an e-mail at: for any collaborations you are interested in pursuing!

I’m back ladies and gents!18402954_917088656410_8768728188149874019_n